ratiosCBD is a molecule derived from medical research on cannabinoids. Since its discovery, CBD cannabis has not ceased to amaze health researchers, everything we know is still subject to discussion in the scientific world, and not all health professionals will necessarily hold the discussions. same speeches.

CBD has very effective relaxing effects against nausea, anxiety and inflammation. CBD has traditionally been used for soothing purposes as the molecule appears to be biologically very neutral. It is at the center of much research, particularly in the treatment of cancer, epilepsy, or even schizophrenia.

The consumption of CBD has the reputation of offering relaxation and relaxation, well-being and appeasement.

Existing forms of CBD and vaping

CBD exists in a variety of forms: local application, oil, food supplements and spray kits are just some of the possible choices. CBD infusions, shampoos and shower gels are also a good way to enjoy the nutritional value of CBD as an antioxidant and replenish omega fatty acids.

Products derived from CBD cannabis are therefore generally ingested (orally), assimilated under the tongue (sublingual route), smoked or inhaled (respiratory route).

CBD Vape Pens

In a vaporizer, cannabis is heated to a temperature below that of combustion until a vapor that is inhaled and does not alter the active components of cannabis. Low temperatures create a more relaxing effect and those in the upper end produce a more toned and physical effect.

The taste of smoke is essentially that of carbon monoxide, which is why the consumer will discover with the vaporization the true, authentic and unique aroma contained in the terpenes of plants it is important that a correct vape pen is used that is specifically used for cbd, there are a number of places that claim to have the best disposable vape pen with CBD also known as an anxiety pen, however the SVG ratios of the liquid contained with the cbd pen will need to be looked at carefully. We can obviously appreciate the taste of smoke, which differs greatly from one variety to another.

In E liquid CBD without THC, the active ingredient would be confined to a relaxing and soothing effect.

The e-liquid CBD is therefore, at low dosage, vapors subject to stress and anxiety. At higher concentrations, these particular E-liquids may even help some vapers to lose interest in other substances by offering sensations partially analogous to their habits. Under these circumstances, the liquid CBD could significantly extend the effective field of the electronic cigarette.

 Guide to the best temperatures for vaporising

This is to take stock of the different temperatures at which cannabis is prepared. Depending on the purpose of the consumer, there is an ideal temperature at which each active ingredient of the drug is released, each of them having very specific qualities. Generally, to extract the psychoactive compounds, an average temperature of 185 ° C is required. For cannabis, it will be necessary to provide between 180 ° and 210 ° C depending on whether the consumer wants a cerebral or physical effect. Below 190 ° C, the rendering is cerebral whereas beyond, the effects are felt more on the physical level of the consumer, for starters you are asked to try the recommended CBD Gummies UK as a starter introduction to CBD. Only some experience of use allows the consumer to determine which temperature will be best suited to his satisfaction.

The ideal temperature for CBD Vape Pen

Only the vaporizer can adjust the ideal temperature to heat cannabis. With a smoked gasket or the socket of a bang, the heating temperature easily goes beyond 420 ° C, which favors the consumption of carcinogenic tars and other harmful substances, and make tasty CBD edibles. The ideal heating temperature of a THC and a CBD (the two most known cannabinoids) is around 180 ° C. However, if the user uses a venturi electric vaporizer for example, it will have to provide a lower temperature, up to 160 ° C, to remain in the ideal standard.

For some cannabinoids such as CHCV or CBC, the ideal temperature can reach 220 ° C. But these are exceptional cases, since in most cases this temperature is very hot.

The temperature is too hot

As evoked a hot temperature turns around 220 ° C, even 230 ° C. If not already from 200 °, the cannabis starts to burn. Depending on the moisture content of the grass, the temperature is adjusted to vaporize the maximum amount of THC. In the same way, each cannabinoid has a temperature threshold to promote its maximum extraction. However, it should be noted that hot boiling of cannabis tends to destroy the flavonoids and terpenes that represent the taste and smell of the plant.

The average temperature

It depends on the cannabinoid. For THC, the average temperature is around 180 ° C. It allows to have a cooler and powerful steam to provide good sensations.

Not hot enough …

Here, it’s about heating cannabis at low temperatures to preserve flavonoids and terpenes. This temperature is between 55 ° and 100 ° and allows to have a steam more tasty, without being powerful enough.